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Lighting in a store is not only functional, but it creates an atmosphere. A well-designed lighting plan is a necessity in every shop. There are countless applications and possibilities for lighting. We are happy to advise you and then naturally, we can also provide design, installation, service, and maintenance of lighting equipment. Waterman creates the atmosphere that fits the image of your company.

Inside and outside
Indoor and outdoor lights provide optimum appearance of the interior and exterior of your organization. It is often used to highlight architectural features as accent lighting.

Energy Savings

Light takes up a lot of energy. But for the latest developments in the field of energy, you have come to the right place. We work closely with major suppliers of LED lighting to provide the latest solutions.

Lighting output

Over time, the light output decreases. To maintain the optimum effect of your lighting in store, it is necessary to replace it periodically. Waterman can also complete this task for you. You can do this by forming a contract with us, so we ensure you always benefit from the best light.
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