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Duurzaamheid en milieu

Sustainability is a hot topic, and it seems almost a buzzword without much content. However at Waterman, it is a priority in our business and we ensure to give it content. Our corporate responsibility we do preferably in close cooperation with our clients, because the results achieved are exponentially greater then. 

The newest technology

We continuously try to integrate the latest technology to achieve sustainable solutions for our clients. Examples are: 
  • LED-technology
  • Energy saving measures
  • Energy-efficient air conditioning systems
  • Weather-dependent schemes
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Recycling 

Subvention subsidies

Waterman has a partnership with Subvention, a renowned and independent subsidy consultancy with offices in Enschede, Ommen, Gouda and Mill. Subvention specializes in acquiring subsidies. Waterman informs its clients about funding opportunities and launches, in cooperation with Subvention, the subsidy process for the client. Subvention knows the ways in and out for the unknown world of subsidy programs. Subvention seeks out possible subsidies and takes care of the entire administrative process. They are clearly committed to achieving and delivering the maximum subsidy result for our clients.

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