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About Waterman

Making retail work 

Waterman Installation provides complete solutions when it comes to installations. In daily practice, it means that we advise retailers about technical installations and then design, build, and manage the installation.


We work according to a clear vision: Making retail work. We ensure that the retailer can excel - everyday. To achieve this, we always aim for the most efficient and durable solutions when engineering, building and managing technical installations. We work fast, with great passion, and at a reasonable price. An important part of our work ethic is to cause the customer as little inconvenience as possible due to the projects: Minimum Time On Site, or M.O.S.T.


We are a dynamic organization with nearly 65 employees. Our people bring our vision into practice. They provide electrical, lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, data and security installations in shops. They do this in various ways:
  • Proven regular solutions
  • Specially customized solutions
  • Renovation
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Troubleshooting

Our way of working (together) appeals greatly to both national and international retailers alike: Adidas, G-Star, Levi’s, Intertoys, Marskramer, Zeeman, Rituals Cosmetics, PLUS, McDonald’s, Ralph Lauren, Hunkemöller, Harley Davidson, Jumbo, Bruynzeel, Prenatal, Vomar voordeelmarkt and the Diagnostic Centres of the DC Group. But we work with equal conviction for local top entrepreneurs


From experience, we know that a project-based approach is the best way to complete the task. Therefore, we provide a team of specialists who take responsibility for the progress and completion of a project. This method proves itself every time.


Waterman aims for quality. Qualified people and good equipment play a major role; therefore, we are investing in both. Our professionals are well trained. Through the use of training and courses, we are aware of latest developments and regulations. Our collaborations with OTIB, IWZH and Kenteq strengthen this even further.

The quality is also expressed in our  certificications.  Here you can read all about it.

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