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Waterman Installation has a rich history. And we are proud of it.


In 1925, Julius Waterman started a company in Rotterdam for signage. The popular illuminated signs in the USA were beginning to gain foothold in our country and Julius Waterman saw opportunities. His company grew steadily and the company expanded in other technical disciplines over the years: Waterman Installation arose.


During the late eighties of the last century, an important strategic choice was made. Waterman altered its main focus on the (re)-building of shops; first only in the field of electricity, but soon more followed. That proved to be a smart choice.

Let us do the work for you

We have more than 50 employees working at Waterman on a daily basis in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany active in the field of electricity, lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, data and security systems. We have become the one-stop shop. We want to take care of our customers by saving them a lot of work and providing peace of mind. Collaborating with Waterman means that you only need one point of contact and small amount of time for a complete project.

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