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Cooling and heating. The climate, in which you work and/or receive your customers, is partly responsible for the commercial success of your company. In addition, it is well known that cooling and heating within stores needs to be more economical and can be. There is still much to be gained in this field. Together with Waterman!

Heat Emissions

The use of large windows combined with ever better insulation in buildings is not a happy move for air management in buildings. On the contrary. In addition, computers, printers, copiers and lighting also emit a lot of heat. So naturally in many stores, offices and institutions climates can be unpleasant.

Climate control

We work to deliver a perfect climate for your premises. There are many technical options to achieve that. 
Small split systems (in-wall, ceiling and satellite) to systems combined with heating and moisture control applications.


Our experts are here to help you make the right choice (in terms of climate and efficiency) and then install it for you. In addition, we always focus on the specific situation. Your situation.
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