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The first 'necessity of life' of a property is a good and reliable electrical installation. Waterman has designed and installed a diverse array of solutions for many years:
  • Lighting Installations
  • Power systems
  • Control Systems
  • Emergency lighting installations 
We are happy to advise you on intercom systems and sound systems as well. 

The Right Solution

For each situation, we design and install an appropriate solution where quality, safety and reliability are always paramount. So it goes without saying that our people are electrical experts


Waterman is always looking beyond. As energy continues to be a hot item, we keep working on this item intensively on daily basis. To reduce energy consumption in your store, we have a number of innovative energy-saving solutions.

Protecting against Power Failure

If high technology electronic equipment is present in your premises, we provide various security options against surges and power failures. Everything to ensure that you can continue to work and operate.
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