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A growing number of people recognize the functional and aesthetic value of a ceiling. Fortunately, the use of tiled ceiling provides infinite possibilities and flexibility.

With this way of designing, we are able to adapt your shop within a very short time, in a relatively inexpensive way to offer a new look, or even to undergo a complete metamorphosis of the space. 

Many combinations

Due to the many combinations of materials, colors and designs, arrays of effects are possible. Ceilings and walls can be fully consistent with the architectural design of your business.

Fire Resistant

With us, you can opt for ceilings with removable tiles mineral fibre, aluminum and glass wool. These are important options for fire resistance and sound performances.


As a full service provider, we provide a complete integration of lighting, heating and cooling. Along with addressing ceilings and walls, we can work on shop lighting, for example. That way, you are assured that your project is carried out at once. Well, complete, and in the shortest possible time.
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