Comprehensive Installations


Well-functioning technical installations are a fundamental need for every store.
Whilst quality, safety and reliability are very important, efficiency and energy consumption are just as crucial. We firmly believe that these objectives are achieved through the combination of different disciplines. That is why our service package is very extensive. With a comprehensive installation solution for electrical, sanitary and climate control, we ensure that a building has everything it needs for optimal operations. We make retail work.

Technical Installation Advice


Waterman provides extensive advice on the various possibilities concerning equipment, execution, planning and maintenance. We are constantly seeking alternatives for more affordable, efficient and practical solutions. Drawing on our expertise, we therefore always provide tailor-made advice. What is the optimal solution for a specific situation? What helps a client the most?


Electrical Installations

  • Lighting
  • Power installations

  • Control installations

  • Emergency lighting installations

  • Data installations

  • Security installations


Sanitary Installations

  • Drinking Water installations

  • Fire Safety Facilities

  • Business kitchens

  • Sanitation Facilities

  • Sewer

  • Grease extraction 


Climate Control

  • Central Heating

  • Air Conditioning

  • Heat recovery

  • Extraction

  • Ventilation


Comprehensive Installation Service


Specialist in Retail


A Deadline is A Deadline


Minimum Time On Site (M.O.S.T.)