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A store never turns off. Lighting, cooling systems, central heating or security installations: everything must be able to run day and night. As a retail owner, you have to be able to rely on this. Preventive solutions such as the monitoring and maintenance of systems is very important and can help to avoid problems. We recommend maintenance covering the lifespan of installations. Waterman offers three forms of maintenance: preventive maintenance, a 24/7 breakdown service and customized service.

Mandatory Inspections


Our service and maintenance department provides the annual inspections and maintenance on the technical installations in many of our clients’ shops. In addition to standard preventive maintenance, we also offer the ability to perform mandatory inspections and maintenance. Examples include inspections for emergency lighting, electrical installations (NEN3140) and for fire, anti-theft and evacuation systems. In doing this, we also ensure that every store installation meets the most recent safety requirements.


Preventative Maintenance

  • Technical breakdown prevention
  • Prevention of large damage & recovery costs
  • Extended useful life of systems & installations
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24/7 Support

  • Immediate support in the event of issues
  • 24 hours per day, 7 days per week available


  • Periodic service and maintenance as per client’s wishes.
  • Mandatory inspections


Comprehensive Installation Service


Specialist in Retail


A Deadline is A Deadline


Minimum Time On Site (M.O.S.T.)