About Waterman

Waterman ensures that all installation aspects are managed in order to optimize operations for retail organizations. We do this through the use of comprehensive solutions for electrical installations, sanitary installations and climate control. Waterman advises, designs, realizes and manages and, above all, maintains! We make retail work.



Our vision is clear: making retail work. We ultimately aim to provide the most efficient solutions for retail. Always supporting and assisting our clients, as a reliable partner, full of passion, every day. We do this quickly, sustainably and at a sensible price.
What do we want for you? That you, as a retailer, can achieve the maximal benefits and advantages possible. Moreover, as a client, we want ensure you encounter as little inconvenience as possible. That is why we work according to Minimum On Site Time, or M.O.S.T. for short.


We are proud - of what we do, who we are and our growth. Waterman was founded nearly 100 years ago in 1925. Since such time, we have grown to become a comprehensive solution for installations. With more than 100 Watermen (and women), we are actively working each day in the field of electrical installations, sanitary installations and climate control. Complex challenges for comprehensive projects: we roll up our sleeves and tackle them with both hands!

Not Just Anyone Can Be a Waterman



ISO9001 / VCA

At Waterman, it’s all about the client. It is therefore logical that we strive for quality and high customer satisfaction. We meet the requirements according to ISO9001, the (internationally) accepted standard for quality management systems and the VCA checklist 2018. This means that the system which we use to achieve for quality and safety objectives is good. Through daily practice, you can clearly see this demonstrated.


Quality for Installations [in] The Netherlands exclusively recognizes and provides distinction for high quality installation companies that have demonstrated the skills and have the equipment needed to properly and safely carry out and deliver the installation work. For example, measuring instruments to test installations for leaks (your safety) and the required standards and publications present to design your installations in such a way that the safety and durability requirements are met.

STEK / F-Gases

The purpose of the Foundation for the Emission Prevention of Refrigeration Technology (STEK) is to reduce emissions related to F-gases in the Refrigeration sector through containment and maintenance. Waterman is a STEK-certified company. This means that you can rely on quality, safety and durability when it comes to refrigeration technology at Waterman.

Recognized Training Company

In addition to offering internal training, Waterman is an Accredited Training Company. With this, Waterman guarantees learning opportunities and expert guidance for students.